Orchard Gables
Los Angeles, California
Hollywood Community Housing Corporation (HCHC) plans to restore Orchard Gables for reuse by Literacy, Arts, Culture, Education and Recreation (LACER), a non-profit youth arts organization. Orchard Gables will provide a perfect home for the after school program serving low-income children and youth. The only remaining residence from “Colesgrove,” a c.1909 development established by Senator Cornelius Cole before the annexation and subdivision of Hollywood, Orchard Gables was designed in the English Country Cottage style by Norman Foote March in 1904. Abandoned after the close of Orchard gables nursing home in the late 70’s the building was slated for demolition to make space for new development. The 1904 property was donated by the developer Master Craft to the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles, which HCHC.